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point of load application. 1) Строительство: место приложения нагрузки, место приложения силы, точка приложения силы.Load profile — In electrical engineering, a load profile is a graph of the variation in the electrical load versus time. A load profile will vary according to customer type (typical point of load application. точка приложения силы, нагрузки место приложения силы, нагрузки. В широком смысле термин Point-of-Load определяет скорее описан-ный выше способ применения DC/DC-конверторов, а не конкретный класс преобразователей. Point-of-Load Power Solutions for Low Voltage Applications. INTRODUCTION. Modern digital electronics present a challenge to designers of power systems for critical reliability applications in military, avionics, and space programs. Фирма TRACOPOWER, всемирно известный швейцарский производитель источников питания, с серии TOS начинает развитие направления Point-of-Load (POL) DC/DC-преобразователей, совместимых со стандартами DOSA (Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance). Скачайте Голосовой помощник для Windows. Голосовой помощник умеет запускать программы и включать музыку, найдет нужную папку на компьютере или ответ в интернете, если нужно — усыпит или выключит компьютер. А ещё с ним можно просто поговорить. Новые ИС являются Point-of-Load (POL) регуляторами напряжения. Устройства найдут широкое применение в энергоэффективных высокопроизводительных серверах, системах хранения информации, телекоммуникационных системах и Netcom приложениях. Компания Texas Instruments (TI) представляет новый прорыв, высокоэффективные понижающие преобразователи для стабилизации напряжения в Ваших разработках Point of Load.

"Point-Of-Load" can be abbreviated as POL. Q: A: What is the meaning of POL abbreviation? The most common method of using these basic zener diode shunt regulators is the point of load regulation system. This method uses a number of fixed voltage, relatively low current regulators at various points around the circuit being supplied. The latter is called a point of load converter. "Converter" is just another name for a voltage regulator and, quite often, they are switching converters. You still have to "bus around" power to the converters but this is done at a much higher voltage (maybe 48 volts) Point load is denoted by P and symbol of point load is arrow heading downward ().If it is 10 then total point load acting is 100Kips over the length. Types of Distributed Load. Reaction1 will be constant until it hits where the point load is, when it stretches over to the point load it will drop down at a magnitude of the point load in which, the shear will be negative and continue to the other support. I am studying about scalability design and Ive having a hard time thinking of ways to ensure a load balancer does not become a single point of failure. If a load balancer goes down, who makes the decision to route to a back up load balancer? Фирма TRACOPOWER, всемирно известный швейцарский производитель источников питания, с серии TOS начинает развитие направления Point-of-Load (POL) DC/DC-преобразователей, совместимых со стандартами DOSA (Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance). Accurate point of load (PoL) voltage control is essential for highly dynamic electronic loads.

Adaptive loop is a technique for efficient, feed-forward compensation of isolated power-management systems based on PRM Regulator and VTM Voltage Transformer combinations. When a point load Q acting on the surface of a semi infinite solid, a vertical stress z produces at any point in addition to lateral and shear stress. Assumptions of Boussinesq theory: a. For soil, the soil mass is elastic, isotropic, homogeneous and semi-infinite. Point of Load Regulation / Distributed Power System for Space Applications. General Description. The 3DPM0024-3 POL Converter provides high performances, high reliability, compact size and low weight for Space Applications. Transmission includes transport from the point of purchase to the principal areas of demand, gas storage for strategic or load-balancing purposes and distribution to companies, large volume customers and power generators. 25.01.2010 Компания CRANE Aerospace Electronics начала производство высокоэффективных DC/DC-преобразователей серии SPOL типа POL ( point-of-load), разработанных для применения в аппаратуре космических аппаратов. The actual current and voltage , the DC operating or Q point, can be obtained as the intersection of the load line and the curve of the current-voltage characteristics, corresponding to a given base current . In graphical analysis of nonlinear electronic circuits, a load line is a line drawn on the characteristic curve, a graph of the current vs the voltage in a nonlinear device like a diode or transistor. It represents the constraint put on the voltage and current in the nonlinear device by the external circuit. Компания ASTEC, являющаяся одним из мировых лидеров по производству источников питания для различных областей электронной промышленности, производит широкий ряд DC-DC преобразователей напряжения типа « point-of-load». if he does not obtain new indications despite the request made by him in that regard, berth at any other suitable point of loading or discharge, taking the shippers or the consignees interests into consideration as far as possible. Еще значения слова и перевод POINT OF LOAD APPLICATION с английского на русский язык в англо-русских словарях.More meanings of this word and English-Russian, Russian-English translations for POINT OF LOAD APPLICATION in dictionaries. 1. Discuss the basic functions of expansion devices used in refrigeration systems and their classification (Section 24.1) 2. Discuss the operating principle, concept of balance point, the effect of load variation Applications Servers and desktop computers Game consoles Telecommunications Storage Base stations Notebooks. fairchildsemi.com. High-Efficiency Point of Load Regulators. point of loading. пункт погрузки. Англо-русский словарь по авиации.Loading characteristic — Loading characteristic: In multichannel telephone systems, a plot, for the busy hour, of the equivalent mean power and the peak power as a function of the number of voice channels. Ideal for powering the latest generation of FPGAs and DSPs, Muratas non-isolated (PoL) DC-DC converters are DOSA compliant and are competitive alternatives to discrete designs. For driving various loads, our designs feature wide input voltage and output voltage capability, accurate output voltage So the concept of point of load regulation is not new, the reasons for its widespread adoption have become more compelling as the bandwidth content and functionality of electronic equipment has increased inexorably over time. Новые Point-of-Load DC/DC-преобразователи серии TOS фирмы TRACOPOWER. Автор статьи , СЭА. E-mail:skrypkasea.com.ua. Фирма TRACOPOWER, всемирно известный швейцарский производитель источников питания, с серии TOS начинает развитие направления Point-of-Load Point load testing is used to determine rock strength indexes in geotechnical practice. The point load test apparatus and procedure enables economical testing of core or lump rock samples in either a field or laboratory setting. The continually increasing demand for small, high efficiency, high speed response point of load converters is driving demand for faster, more efficient power switches. International Rectifier добавила к своему семейству iPowIR два Point-of- Load DC/DC преобразователя iP1837 и iP1827 . Микросхемы могут использоваться в серверах, устройствах сетевых коммуникаций, в телекоммуникационном и другом оборудовании In comes point of load. You run a higher voltage bus around and at each major section of the circuit with a different voltage requirement, you drop in a little switching regulator or DC to DC converter.

A few years ago Core of the power circuit. Additional decoupling and filter caps not shown here. source: Using the LMG5200POLEVM-10 48V to Point of Load EVM. Theres no heat sink required. When the output current exceeds 20A, active cooling (a fan) is needed. The customers base is widely spread over different industries such as appliance, automo-tive, computer and communication. Point of Load. One of the key products of the Cyntec Power Modules are the Point of Load (POL) DC-DC converters. Point-of-load. 4.5V to 12V input 1V to 5V single output radiation hardened design.Output Voltage Range Line Regulation Load Regulation Load Transient Switching Frequency. A point load compressive force is applied to a test specimen by a circular indentor of []ASTM D3763 prescribes that the velocity slowdown be no more than 20 from the beginning. [] of the test to the point of peak load. Новые DC/DC преобразователи Microsemi являются полностью изолированными БП, способными обеспечить необходимую высоконадёжным преобразователям типа «точка потребления» ( point-of-load) мощность, которые используются для понижения уровня напряжения Главная » Продукция » Компоненты силовой электроники » Point of Load — преобразователи от VPT. Standard Test Method for Determination of the Point Load Strength Index of Rock. 1. This standard is issued under the xed designation D 5731 the number immediately following the designation indicates the year of. point of tangency — точка касания point of contact — точка соприкосновения the point of intersection of two lines — точка пересечения двух линий point target — воен. точечная цель point load — тех. сосредоточенная нагрузка point source — физ. точечный источник (излучения). Loading Эти point-of-load модули с выходными токами 8 или 18 А могут иметь входное напряжение 3.3, 5 или 12 В. Они специально разработаны для упрощения проектирования систем питания устройств с несколькими напряжениями: высокоскоростных микропроцессоров They are a high-reliability, high-efficiency point of load converter for use with a 3.3 volt input bus or a 5.0 volt input bus with an undervoltage shutdown below 3.0 volts and an overvoltage shutdown above 6.0 volts. In this dissertation, a new power delivery architecture, high voltage point of load (HV POL) architecture, has been proposed in order to improve power conversion and distribution efficiency for data center power supplies. Abstract Point of load (POL) or point of use (POU) converters are emerging as the popular solution for applications in which circuits require low voltages of 3.3 V and below. The demand for these types of voltage levels stems from the requirement for lower core voltages MSP430 с FRAM Между датчиком и микроконтроллером: новые микросхемы семейства Sensor AFE Любой протокол по проводам: решения Texas Instruments для PLC-систем передачи данных Point Of Load-преобразователи Разработка распределенной архитектуры системы электропитания на базе POL ( Point-Of-Load) модулей. Опубликовано в номере: Вестник электроники 2 2012. Для обеспечения максимальной эффективности с точки зрения размера, веса и стоимости системы.